• Mrs. Popp  
       Welcome "Wolves" to Mrs. Popp’s 6th Grade PAP ELA and 6th AVID !
    This is our last week before Holiday Break!    
    Expository papers are complete.  This week we will focus on quick review items before our final reading exam on Wednesday and Thursday.
    AVID students will be doing a timed-writing for their final.  This loops in with our college research.    
     "Is College Really Worth It?" I think our students are seeing the value of a solid education. We will continue exploring college through a narrative writing and poetry.  Look for our work in the hallway as we prepare for Portrait of a Graduate in January!  
    Don't forget our Tuesday/Thursday tutorials! TRF's are due each day and are a big part of their AVID grade. They can access them on Google CR as well.
    My goal for this year is to develop a classroom culture of "thinking routines." Rather than learning being
    an intake of information, my focus is for all students to be CONFIDENT in asking questions, making sense of things, challenging themselves to move forward, reflect on mistakes, imitate and learn from others perspectives and advance in their own understandings. By practicing these "habits" of thinking, we can build on the foundation of college ready skills.
    Have a wonderful Holiday Break! I will be looking forward to start back up in 2018! 
    Important ELA information:
       All Language Arts classes will be set up with Membean Vocabulary. Students are required to complete 30 minutes each week for independent practice.  Quizzes will be every 2 weeks. Wolf Time provides a great in school opportunity to work on Membean.well. All students have their login information in planners or phones! Thanks for reinforcing practice time at home!
       Let's keep chipping away at the GCISD READS Book Challenge. We are making it a practice to provide Friday afternoons for self-select reading and the classes are enjoying it! It is a teachers dream to hear students yell, "Yeah," when I tell them to pull out a book and read! I have included a link in the ABOUT section of Google CR for students to log their pages. All students are encouraged to read during Wolf Time and at home as well.  All students MUST have a book in their backpack everyday!
    If you are interested in receiving guardian email summaries of our google classroom activities, please forward me a quick email to confirm your interest.  I will then include you in classroom updates. 
    Policy and Procedures for all classes will be in Google Classroom under activities.  
    Terry Popp                                    **Tutoring:  M-F: 7:00-8:00
    terry.popp@gcisd.net                                       M-F: 3:30-4:30
    Important Dates:
    Jan. 8: Final exam make-ups
    Holdiay Break: Dec. 22-Jan 9