• Colleyville Elementary School General Information
    School Hours
    Grades Pre-K-5
        7:40 am - 2:55 pm

     Principal- Sheila Shimmick 

    Assistant Principal- Julie Faragher 
    School Phone Number (817) 305-4940
     Specials  Lunch  Recess
    Pre-K 10:45-11:30 11:30-12:00 12:50-1:20
     K  12:05-12:55 10:55-11:25 10:25-10:50
     1st  1:00-1:50 11:20-11:50  10:50-11:15
     2nd  1:55-2:45 11:40-12:10 11:10-11:35
    9:00-9:50  12:00-12:30 11:30-11:55 
     4th  8:05-8:55  12:20-12:50 11:50-12:15
     5th  9:55-10:45  12:50-1:20  12:20-12:45

    Colleyville Elementary School Mission and Vision Statements

    (created by the CEC 11/2017 and approved by Campus Management Team 1/2018)

    Mission Statement

    At Colleyville Elementary School we, along with families and community members, are committed to providing a positive, supportive and innovative environment. All children will be challenged and prepared to become skilled problem solvers, effective communicators, collaborators, self-regulated learners and global citizens. Focusing on the whole child, we are also dedicated to fostering confident and compassionate members of society.

    Vision Statement

    Colleyville Elementary School provides a nurturing and challenging environment that empowers students to discover their authentic selves and become effective and innovative contributors to society.