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    Mrs. Hendrickson

    What year did you come to GES?  2003-2004

    How long have you worked in education?  16 years

    Where did you attend college?  Texas State University and Lamar University for my Master's.

    What is a favorite memory related to school?  My favorite memory was Biology class, I remember the first time I got to dissect something.  It was a cow eye and I loved it!

    What motivates you to do what you do as a teacher each and every day?  I love teaching Math and Science, I am able to share my passion for subject matter I really enjoy.   In Science, I see students working collaboratively to solve a problem and this reinforces skills that are needed in the real world.  I also like the natural curiosity that comes with teaching Science.  Students are able to "play" and figure out answers to challenging questions. Math is such a practical everyday tool!  I love the use of manipulatives and games I use to make Math more fun even for those relunctant learners that say, "I'm not good at Math!"



                                               Contact Information:   Kerri.Hendrickson@gcisd.net

                                                Planning period: 2:00-2:50

                                                817.251.5735  ext. 3641

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