•     Having graduated from Abilene Christian University, I was provided the unique experience of teaching English in Tehuacan, Puebla, Mexico. While there, I discovered that teaching would not just be a profession, but a passion. I taught seven years at Silver Lake Elementary teaching first and third grade dual language. This is my third year at GMS and I am so excited to continue helping my students learn a second language at the middle school level as well as getting our Spanish IV students ready for the AP exam in 8th grade!

                When I'm not at school, you can find me with my family or friends. Some of the activities I enjoy are going on long walks, spending time outdoors, shopping, and traveling.

               My mission while teaching dual language sixth and seventh grade (Spanish II, III, IV PAP and AP) is to continue guiding students in their second language learning journey.  I can't wait to see all the amazing things my students will be doing with the added skill of being bilingual. We've got big plans for our dual language students! We will have a blast using technology as a tool in increase our learning and help connect to others in GCISD, our community, state, country, and world.  Feel free to stop by and see what we're up to.

               I personally grew up in GCISD schools, so it is particularly satisfying for me to have joined the family of educators and staff at Grapevine Middle School. I am especially thankful to have parents who are so appreciative and supportive.
    Facebook page Spanish III PAP: https://www.facebook.com/MswisespanishIIPAPgms/
    Ms. Wise
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