• Mr. Riddell's Art Page


    Imagine life without pictures, movies, television, paintings, architecture,  etc.. It all starts with a design....a LINE. Even if you can’t draw/paint, knowledge of art, past and present, makes a person more educated and interesting. DON’T YOU WANT TO BE INTERESTING?

     I have been studying art and art history for many years and love teaching the subject and passing my knowledge on to others, even to those who say “I can’t”. I say……….“YOU CAN!!!!



             Here are a few reasons why art is important:

    o                   Art stimulates both sides of the brain.

     o                 33% of you are visual learners.

     o                  Studies show kids who make art, read better and get better grades in science and math.

     o                  Making art promotes self esteem.

     o                  We all need a place to express ourselves.

    o                     Art stimulates perception.

     o                  Art teaches one to think openly and be receptive to other cultures.

     o                  Art teaches that there is more than one solution for a problem.

     o                  Art teaches one to be creative.

     o                  Art nourishes the human soul. (This is my favorite)

     o                  Art is valuable all by itself.

                               All I ask is for an inquisitive mind and the desire to apply oneself.

     Expect greatness from yourself…..BE GREAT!!!!