Twitter: @DockumReb
    Phone: 817-305-4700 x2037
    Room L110
     Winter is coming..........
     Remind Instructions
    I use Remind to communicate with my classes.  This is an optional tool for my students to use but I HIGHLY recommend that they use it.  Parents, you are more than welcome to join as well.
    Text the code for your class listed below to 81010. 
    1st Period - @chhsapgov1
    2nd Period - @chhsapgov2
    3rd Period - @chhsapush3
    4th Period - @chhsapgov4
    6th Period - @chhsapush6
    Google Classroom 
    We will be incorporating technology into our classroom.  Each student is required to bring a CHARGED laptop with them to class.  Google Classroom is one of the ways we will collaborate and learn.  Please join your corresponding classroom using the codes below.
     1st Period - ihnpfsc 
    2nd Period -  x9uyaad
    3rd Period - v1kifb0 (that is a zero)
    4th Period - q1k789
    6th Period - w7uxit6