•      Coach Diehl
       I went to the University of North Texas and graduated with a bachelors degree in History.This is my fifth year teaching at CTMS, but have been in education for eight years. Students this year will learn about early Texas and the influence Native Americans had across the state. After Texans become established over time, students will then explore the on and off relationship between Mexico and Texas.  In this unit, students will learn key people and the part they played during this critical moment in Texas history. Finally, I plan to close the year off with the Civil War. Homework: Only when absolutely needed.Coach Diehl is available at lunch time during football M-F after school when football is over
        Individual discipline will typically be a loss of privilege/trust. Continual misbehavior, I will follow the school wide policy.
      email: jason.diehl@gcisd.net
      school: (817) 251-3223