• The Ecology Club meets every Wed. afternoon 
    at 4:00 in room 705
    We will meet from 4:00 til about 4:30 to cover
         club business and
    then we will go out to the 
    Ecology Center to work with the animals and plants
                      Chi Chi the Chinchilla       Some of our Rabbits
    Please join us.  We are growing and our current
    student officers are very energetic.  They have currently
    planned a student event, club activity and a fund raiser for each
    month.  It is FREE to join, but you must have service
    hours logged to go on the year end camping trip
                                                                  Spicy-one of our snakes  

    OFFICERS!!! our first meeting is Wed the 30th.......All club members-our first meeting is Wed. Sept. 6th.  We have plans that are already in  progress.  IT'S GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR!!!  COME JOIN US!!!