Mary Newlun

         Mary Potysman Newlun
    Masters of Education School Counseling- LPC 
    Student Advocacy Counselor


    As a Student Advocacy Counselor,  I will be working with students and families in several areas, including:

    Coordinating our mentoring program for students at risk of dropping out.
    Working with any families that are homeless or in transition.
    Coordinating resources for students who qualify for free or reduced lunches, including school supplies, and other basic needs.
    Networking with area non-profit agencies and churches to advocate for support for our families in need.
    Providing information and referrals to community resources.
    Acting as a liaison between home and school, which includes doing home visits as needed.
    Providing intervention and counseling for students in crisis.
    Helping students and parents address truancy issues and obstacles to attendance.
    Facilitating student support groups on topics such as anger management and coping skills.
    Providing support for our teachers and staff on behavioral management and working with students at risk.