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    My name is Laurie Denny and I am your new Attendance Clerk at HMS!
    This is my 5th year in the district, I have been married for 19 years to my husband Robert.  I have two children, Sarah at CHHS and John at HMS. My direct number is 817-305- 4804 email address laurie.denny@gcisd.net
    Tips for Attendance 
    If a student must be absent from school a parent should call attendance each day to report the students' name and reason for the absence (personal or illness).  If a parent forgets to call, then the student must bring a parent note to the attendance office the day they return to school.  If the parent does not call or send a note, the student will have an unexcused absence.  
    Doctor's Notes: You or your physician  may fax or email the doctor's note directly to me at 817-267-9929 or laurie.denny@gcisd.net 
    Checking IN
    Students arriving to school after the school day has begun MUST check in through the attendance office before reporting to class to obtain an admit slip.
    When checking in students needs one of the following:
    1.  A note from a parent indicating that the parent is aware that their student is checking in late, and the reason (personal or illness) 
    2. A properly documented note from a doctor's office excusing the absence.  You may also choose to have your physician fax the doctor's excuse to 817-267-9929
    3.  If a note is not possible, a parent may call the Attendance Clerk.  Please leave a detailed message if leaving a voice mail.
    Without one of these two documents or a phone call, the absence with be considered unexcused. 
    Parents do not need to accompany their student into the building to check in if they have sent their student in with a parent/doctor's note in hand, or have called the attendance office to report the late arrival.
    Checking Out/Early Dismissal
    A parent must come in to check a student out.  Please allow us time to locate your student as your student may be in lunch or athletics and it could take time to get your student to our office. You may email or call me in the morning ahead of time to let me know what time you will be arriving to pick up your student.