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    Kensley Sutherlin



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    Kensley Sutherlin
    Physical Education Teacher
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    This is my 11th year in education and my fourth year at Cannon Elementary: A GCISD STEM School. I am extremely excited for all that comes along with being a STEM school and how I can incorporate that into Physical Education! Looking forward to this year as a Cannon Cub!


    • Texas A&M University- Commerce--Bachelors of Science, Major-Kinesiology
    • K-12 Physical Education
    • 4-8 Generalist

        Educational Experience

    •  7 years teaching Middle School in CFBISD 
      • 6 years Physical Education
      • 1 year 6th grade Science
      • 7 years coaching (Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Soccer)

    Students attend PE every other day by cub groups. 

    Rotation Schedule


    We are always infusing the STEM habits of mind into our lessons. Whether we are playing Run for the Money and learning about financial literacy or playing States of Matter tag reinforcing students knowledge of science principles. We are consistently using STEM vocabulary to strengthen students ability to incorporate the language into their daily lives outside of school. 


    1st 9 Weeks:

    • General PE Activities
    • STEM in the Gym
    • Physical Fitness (Fitnessgram)
    • Volleyball
    • Safety- Bad Weather, Fire, Lock Down Drills


    2nd 9 Weeks:

    • Football
    • Holiday Games
    • Speed Stacks- Cup Stacking
    • Drum Fit


    3rd 9 Weeks:

    • Gymnastics Unit
    • Group Cooperation
    • Basketball
    • Jump Rope
    • Health Information


    4th 9 Weeks:

    • Physical Fitness (Fitnessgram)
    • Kickball/ Soccer
    • Field Day
    • PE Safety


    Floating PE/HEALTH Units:

    Juggling, Dance, Frisbee, Golf, Play it Safe, Puberty (4th and 5th grade only)


    Dress Code:

    Dress Code Policy requires that all students wear TENNIS SHOES in Physical Education For their own safety. These shoes must have white soles, or scuff proof black soles. Sandles, sandle backs, boots, cleats, dress shoes, shoes with rollers, and slip on shoes will not be allowed.

    ***Female scholars need to wear shorts or pants under dresses and skirts. Please help your children be responsible. Children will not be allowed to participate without proper shoes or clothing under their skirts/dresses. 



    Please send a note if your child needs to be excussed from P.E.

    A doctor's note is required if your child must miss three or more days of P.E.

    If a child brings a doctor's note or parent note excluding them from P.E., the same restrictions will apply to recess. 

    Doctor's notes will be the guideline for when your child is allowed to return to physical activity.