• On typical days, the schedule will be as follows:

    1st Period: 8:10-8:56 ELA


    2nd Period: 9:00-9:46 Conference


    3rd Period: 9:50-10:36 AVID 7/8


    4th Period: 10:40-11:26 AVID 6


    5th Period: 11:30-1:00 AVID 7

         Lunch 11:26-11:56


    6th Period: 1:05-1:45 AVID 8

          Co-taught with Ms. Guthrie in C106 

    7th Period: 1:49-2:35 Corral


    8th Period: 2:39-3:25 ELA 

    *Before and after school tutoring will be offered on a bi-weekly basis beginning the second week of school. Those times are still to be determined. I am always available by appointment.