Esther Nuhu

    4th Grade



    Conference: 8:20-9:05


     Mrs. Nuhu

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    This school year marks the beginning of my twelfth year as a teacher and my fourth year at Cannon.  I came to Cannon from Larson Elementary (a part of Arlington ISD) where I taught Sixth grade Science for six years and then taught in a Third grade classroom for two years.  I am a graduate of Iowa State University and I hold a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education. I have a passion for Science and math and come from a family of Engineers. Working at a STEM school is very exciting and meaningful to me. 

    When I am not busy teaching or playing with my three beautiful children I enjoy reading a good book and traveling to see my family in Iowa and Nevada. My youngest is just a baby, my middle child is a bouncy Kindergartner who loves hugs, running, and climbing; and my eight-year-old  loves to read, play soccer and to create artwork to decorate her room.