As a LifeSkills teacher, I believe the students that grace me with their presence everyday are special, special people that can do absolutely anything they want to do. How do I know this? My belief in them and real world proof, like this video of a Starbucks Barista who happens to have autism and enjoys his work so much he dances while making coffee...
    This barista believes in himself just as my students need to believe in themselves. So, as I work with them on skills that will help them in everyday living and help them as they move into the community and workforce, I will constantly be striving to get each student to believe they have the ability to be successful in whatever they do. I want to help each one of them to know and believe they can do so much more than a lot of people give them credit for. I believe in them, so I want them to believe in themselves! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! It is the underlying theme of everything we will do together, and, hopefully, everything they do in life.
    Well, that's my philosophy, so here is a little bit about me... 
    I have always had a passion for helping and working with children. That is what drew me to special education. This is my second year to teach LifeSkills, and my third year at GHS. I believe I learned so much from my students last year, and I can only hope they learned as much from me. In 2014-15, I served as a paraprofessional in the GHS Special Ed Department. Prior to making the jump into education, I spent about a decade working in the non-profit world helping children in need, specifically children that suffered from abuse and neglect. Before deciding to help children, I spent about a decade working in the sports marketing world.
    I have a loving family that includes my wife and 2 children. My son will be attending GHS this year, while my daughter will be at Grapevine Middle School. My hobbies include playing sports and watching my kids participate in their various activities.
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions at either phillip.hood@gcisd.net or 817-251-5210 ext. 3037.