• gcisd flex  

    It can be overwhelming to spend time learning about state, federal, and local guidelines when you want to be focused on back-to-school and your classroom. It is recommended that these requirements be completed prior to returning to school in August to allow you the ability to focus on the immediate needs of this back-to-school time and your classroom instruction.

    The District policy states:

    The District shall maintain the FLEX program, through which teachers shall pursue professional learning in order to satisfy training mandated by federal, state, and local agencies. Employment contracts for teachers shall include two paid workdays for professional development under the FLEX program outside the work calendar and outside the regular school day. FLEX will be associated with (but not limited to) compliance issues such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Bloodborne Pathogens, Ethics, Bullying, Professional Development and Appraisal Systems (PDAS), and Diabetes training.

    These courses will need to be completed by all employees within 60 days (by Monday,  October 9, 2017) after the start of their contract.  
    Flex training for all district employees can be found at the following website: