• Multicultural Awareness Council
    Mission: Promote and support diversity awareness education campus  wide.
     For more information, please join our Remind101 for updates: @ macghs
    Upcoming meeting dates:
    • General Meetings will be the first Thursday of every Month.
    • Cultural dinner outtings will be on the first Friday of the month.
    • Event Planning meetings will happen throughout the month.
    President:  Aneesha Diggikar
    Vice President: Katie Mathisen
    Treasurer: Meesha  Akfami 
    Secretary:  Shravya Yarlagadda
     First Meeting was held Thursday, Sept. 7th.  It's not too late to join.  Listen to announcements and look for flyers in the hallways to Remind you of the next scheduled meeting.  
Last Modified on September 7, 2017