•  **Applications for the Spanish Honor Society new applicants will be available in Jan. 2017**

     **New member applications will be due Wednesday, Jan. 25th, 2017- No exceptions** (see Mrs. Cullum in room 407 for details)


    **It is the member's responsibility to pick up their graduation cord in room 407 with Mrs. Cullum.  If you do not pick up your cord, you will not be on the member list in the graduation program**         

    **Induction Ceremony to be held Spring, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Madeleine Hemley auditorium (school auditorium). **  Exact Date TBA 


                           Capítulo Duque de Rivas

                                   Asesora:  Debbie Cullum


                                   Purpose:  The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica serves to recognize the achievements that students have made in

                                                    the Spanish Language through levels 1-3PAP or higher.




                                   1.  How can you join?

                                           Induction is by invitation only once a student has met the requirements set forth and approved by the

                                           National organization.


                                           These requirements are:

                                              a.  must currently be enrolled in a Spanish class.

                                              b.  must have all A's (90 or better) for both semesters of Spanish I and Spanish II.

                                              c.  must have a B (80 or better) for the semesters of Spanish III PAP or higher.

                                              d.  must not have had ISS at any time.

                                              e.  must have a recommendation from the current Spanish teacher (if needed)


                                   2.  When are applications distributed?

                                             Applications are distributed in the middle of January after the first semester is completed.

                                             Applications must be submitted by the deadline on the form or they will not be considered.

                                             All applications must be complete or they will not be considered.


                                   3.  When are inductions?

                                              Inductions are held in the Spring when the auditorium is available (usually April).


                                   4.  When are meetings?

                                              Meetings are held in room 407, the first Thursday of every month.


                                   5.  Can you still be a member, once inducted, if you do not take Spanish after level 3PAP?

                                              Yes, but you become an honorary member.  You can participate in any activities but you cannot vote for

                                              officers nor can you be an officer.


                                   6.  How much are dues?

                                               The induction year, the dues are $30.00 to pay for the certificate, patch, seal and local and

                                               national dues. No other fees will be due the following years that you are a member.


Last Modified on January 11, 2017