• Welcome to AP Biology at GHS 2017-18!

    My name is Julee Sanders-Diehl, and although I am new to GHS, I'm entering my 18th year to teach! I've taught a variety of of high school science courses and at various levels. I have a B.S. degree from East Carolina University with a concentration in Biology and Science Ed. I am originally from the Central Texas Hill Country but have traveled and lived in many places across the U.S. and in the U.K. as well. My travels and coursework continue to shape my efforts to implement best practices teaching and student learning strategies to meet the educational needs of all learners. We will perform a variety of laboratory investigations to increase learning and interest in the sciences. We will integrate technology as a tool to improve student learning and achievement.

    AP coursework is challenging, and will require study and preparation time outside the classroom. However, class time that is well spent will reduce the amount of class/laboratory assignments that turn in to homework! The AP Biology curriculum is centered around 4 "Big Ideas" in Biology covering genetic diversity over time, energy, information transmission and biological systems.

    Course work will be available to students 24/7 on a learning platform that many colleges and universities use today called "Canvas". It is free to join. Students need to use their school information (legal name, school username and password used for school business) to join as "Student". Parents can observe the course by registering as a parent. Go to:

    https://canvas.instructure.com/register and enter the join code: NBBW9R  Be sure to confirm your e-mail address to complete registration!

    Students will access content on Canvas and also turn in much of their graded work in Canvas.  We will periodically have college and professional articles posted that will require student comment using student discussion boards in Canvas. Students may also view linked videos, upload work for grading and e-mail the instructor with questions. Skyward is still the official electronic gradebook for students, not Canvas.


    I am looking forward to a tremendous 2017-18 school year! Let's build an AP Biology legacy together!




    Julee Sanders-Diehl


    Google Voice: 817-527-1576