• Hello students and parents ! Welcome to Algebra 1 and Geometry!

    Name: Martina Melrose
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    dress: martina.melrose@gcisd.net
    Phonenumber:817-305 4700 x 2057

     Both students and parents are encouraged to sign up for
    REMIND 101:  text 81010
    Geometry Period 1  @mel1geo320  (number 1 after mel)
    Geometry Period 3  @mel3geo320
    Geometry Period 4  @mel4geo320
    Geometry Period 6  @mel6geo320
    Geometry Period 7  @mel7geo320 
    Algebra 1 Period 8  @mel8alg320
    TUTORIALS: Tu, Wed, Th. 8-8:30 am (sign up sheet in class)
    After school tutorials Prep (library)
    with Ms.Krukowski in B315 
    (check availability on her site)