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    Spring Semester - Week 2


    College advice from a former freshman (and current professor)


    About a 1/3 of you still need to get a textbook - don't ask me how I know.  I just know.  You will need to make arrangements with Mr. Crow in the main office to pick up a textbook.  Make sure to trade in your AP US government books.


    Timed writing #1 - marginal analysis - is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 16 (A day) and Wednesday, Jan. 17 (B day and 8th period.)  Bring a black pen.


    How to achieve better results on in class exams - AP micro
    1. Take notes in class.  Check your notes with friends in class or with your working group. All power points for the semester are posted at the AP microeconomics page.
    2. Take notes over the chapters while you read to stay focused.
    3. Stay current with chapter readings.  Don't try to read everything in one or two sittings.
    4.  Make flash cards for formulas/graphs as well as vocabulary.
    5.  Stop by in the mornings to go over in-class exams/timed writings.
    6.  Use added sources like an AP economics exam prep book or the Khan Academy microeconomics webpage.








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