• Welcome to ASL Club 
    If you don't know sign language, you can still join!  Here is a list of things we do when we meet:  

    ·     Red wagon parade

    ·     Homecoming parade

    ·     Deaf Awareness Day

    ·     Signing stories @ libraries and schools

    ·     Holiday Parties

    ·     Creating club T-shirts

    ·     Field trips

    ·     Trip planning to visit Texas School for the Deaf in Austin, TX

    ·     Closed Captioned Movies (Grapevine Mills)

    ·     Silent dinners

    ·     Community Service

    ·     School functions and parent nights

    ·     Fundraisers

    Please see Mrs. Tammy Trice in room A206 or Ms. Jill Cleveland in room A217 if you have any questions.