• The Colleyville Heritage Debate Team was started with the opening of the school in the 1996-1997 school year.  In the twenty years that the school has been open, the debate team has achieved many successes on the local, state and national levels.  The team is currently coached by David Huston.  Below is a list of accomplishments that our team has garnered in the last twenty years. 

    Colleyville Heritage High School has won the following honors in its history:

         26 qualifiers to the National Forensic League National Tournament, including the National Champions in Policy Debate in 2008

         26 qualifiers to the Tournament of Champions

         Over 100 qualifiers to the Texas Forensics Association State Tournament

         UIL district champions in Cross Examination Debate and Lincoln Douglas Debate- students have been in top three every year that we have attended the UIL district tournament

         48 national Round Robin invitations- top students in nation are selected to compete in the competitions

         Over 1000 individual awards at state, local, and national competition

         Host of National Forensic League National Tournament 2006

         Host of Texas Forensic Association State Tournament 1998

         Golden Apple Award (to Coach Cindi Timmons) for outstanding dedication to and achievement in debate

         Chair of Membership in the Barkley Forum for High Schools at Emory University 2005

         Hall of Fame for the Tournament of Champions (Coach David Huston); National Speech and Debate Association Hall of Fame (David Huston & Cindi Timmons in 2012); 

                           Baker award for best national record (policy debate) in 2007-2008



    UIL District Honors:

    •   96-97:  LD 1st and 2nd

         96-97:  Informative Speaking 1st and 2nd

         97-98:  CX 1st and 3rd

         97-98:  LD 1st and 3rd

         97-98:  Informative Speaking 1st and 2nd

         97-98:  Persuasive Speaking 1st and 2nd

         98-99:  CX 1st and 2nd

         98-99:  LD 1st

         01-02:  CX 1st and 2nd and 3rd

         02-03:  CX 1st and 3rd

         02-03:  LD 2nd

         04-05:  CX 3rd

         05-06:  LD 2nd

         06-07:  CX 1st and 2nd

         06-07:  LD 2nd and 3rd

         07-08:  LD 2nd and 3rd
                      •   08-09:  CX 1st and 2nd
                      •   09-10:  CX 1st and 2nd
                      •   09-10:  LD 2nd
                      •   10-11:  CX  1st and 2nd
                      •   10-11:  LD   3rd
                      •   11-12:  LD  2nd & 3rd
                      •   12-13:  LD  2nd
                      •   13-14:  LD  1st, 2nd, and 3rd
    • Data missing from 99-00, 00-01 and 03-04 seasons




    TFA State Honors:

         99-00:  CX State Champions

         01-02:  5th Place LD

         01-02:  2nd Place CX

         02-03:  CX State Champions

         06-07:  5th Place LD

         07-08:  2nd and 3rd CX

         08-09:   5th Place CX

                      •   13-14:   3rd speaker in LD
                      •   14-15:   5th place  PF 
                      •   16-17:  PF State Champions 


    NFL/NSDA Nationals Honors:

         97-98:  3rd Place CX

         98-99:  10th Place CX

         01-02:  2nd Place CX

         01-02:  2nd Best Speaker in Nation CX

         06-07:  Finalist in Student Congress

         07-08:  National Champions in CX


    TOC Honors:

         8 appearances in elimination rounds

         02-03:  Best Debater in nation

         07-08:  Finalists in CX
                      •   15-16:  Top 20 in PF
                      •   16-17:  Semifinalist in PF