Dale C. Britton          Dale Britton

    Email: dale.britton@gcisd.net

    Extension: 2068
                Computer Science I PAP, Computer Science II AP



                Bachelor of Arts                                   Brigham Young University        

                     Major in Computer Science               Provo, Utah

                     Major in French Teaching

                     Minor in Music


                Earned Presidential Scholarship to BYU



                Originally I wanted to work in a science field.  My first choice was chemistry, which I enjoyed in high school.  After my freshman year in college I went to France for two years to work as a missionary for the LDS church, and on my return I decided to concentrate on computer science, which had always been an interest of mine,  and French, since I had learned the language and enjoyed my time in France.  After a couple of jobs in the computer industry, I decided that I didn't want to spend my life developing software for other people that I wasn't even interested in myself, so I changed my major to education.  I felt that it would be a more meaningful occupation, and I had always enjoyed teaching.  After a couple of jobs teaching part time at a private school and in computer labs in public schools, I received the offer to teach computer science at CHHS.  I have been here since 1997.


    Teaching Philosophy:

                I believe that each student in my class is capable of mastering my material.  My job is to find a way to present the information so that each student can relate to what I am teaching.  Thus I must use different methods of presentation and relate the information to the skills and interests of the students.  I must also take the time to develop my own skills and continually learn more about educational methods and my subject matter, especially in the field of computer science, where information can quickly become obsolete.


    Personal Information:

                I grew up in the suburbs of Buffalo, New York, but decided to go all the way to Provo, Utah to Brigham Young University to receive my education.  After my two-year mission in France, I returned to school where I met my wife Melissa who was also attending BYU.  We have been married since 1993 and have three beautiful daughters.  My third daughter was born on New Years Day, 2001.

                I was very surprised to learn that I was moving to Texas, as neither Melissa nor I had ever dreamed of living here.  However, this job has been a great blessing to us and we have grown to enjoy this great state, however strange it may seem to us northerners.

                I love working with my students.  I love sharing my knowledge with them and learning from them as well.  It is a wonderful thing to me to be able to spend my life in such a worthwhile cause, and I only hope that the students can feel this somewhat as I try my best to teach them.


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