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    Welcome to my website!  Since I teach three different courses, everything you will need is divided appropriately on the sidebar.  If you were absent or simply just interested in finding out what we are doing in class, assignments are listed on the calendar for your course.  This is a Google calendar that I update throughout the year.  If you subscribe to it, you will be able to get updates on our day to day!  The actual assignment can be found in the unit folder on Schoology.  Remember YOU are responsible for any missing assignments due to field trips or absences.  
    Since we are a digital school, we will be using schoology.com as our class website for assignments.  If you can't find something here, try there!  
    Parents- You can have access to schoology.com by setting up a parent account to monitor your student's progress.  Ask me or your student for an access code to join the class! 
    Is your long division a little rusty??  Watch this:  
    Need Help?  http://www.khanacademy.org/ this website has links to videos that cover most topics from class.  They are free and an excellent way to review what we talked about in class!
    Contact me by e-mail: cortney.frankskays@gcisd.net  or by phone at 817-305-4700 Ext. 2109