• Mr. White and I :)  
    Ashley White, M. Ed
    Hello and welcome to the 2017-2018 school year at CHHS! My name is Ashley White and I have the honor of being the Learning Liaison for CHHS. I was a physics teacher at CHHS from 2009-2012 and then my family and I moved to The Woodlands. We are back in GCISD and we look forward to what the future has to offer!


    Role of the Liaison

    The role of the liaison is to support the work of the principal in improving instruction in every classroom, through coaching, consulting, collaborating, and co-teaching with teachers as well as to align professional learning with district and school goals.

    1. Facilitate needs assessment on campus.

    2. Expand and develop teachers’ use of a variety of resources to improve instruction based on identified campus needs.

    3. Support instructional staff to ensure that student achievement data drives instructional decisions at the classroom and school level.

    4. Support campus administration in ensuring implementation of the GCISD adopted curriculum.

    5. Collaborate with teachers to ensure instruction is aligned with curriculum and meet the needs of all students.

    6. Collaborate with classroom teachers to increase the quality and effectiveness of classroom instruction through: PLCs, professional learning, and coaching teachers.

    7. Identify and develop model classrooms to build district capacity.

    8. Support new hires to build their capacity.

    9. In collaboration with principal, design and implement job-embedded, standards-based professional learning.

    10. Work collaboratively with the school’s Campus Excellence Committee and principal to design, implement, and assess school change initiatives to ensure alignment and focus on intended results.

    11. Create a pull environment for teachers to reflect on their own instructional practices.

    12. Continually learn and build personal and professional capacity.

    13. Develop and maintain ongoing positive professional relationships.

    14. Meet with the Department of Instruction leadership on a biannual basis to evaluate the effectiveness of the liaisons’ work based on the progress of students and teachers.

    15. Engages in reflective conversations with teachers.

    16. Models lessons for teachers.

    17. Performs other duties that support the principal in improving teaching and learning.

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