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  • Mrs. Thompson plays Gaga Ball with students!
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  •  CTMS "PINK OUT" for a Cure!


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    We accept the 25 Book Challenge!

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  • Theater CTMS Playbill RocksTheater
    Grand Prairie Speech Tournament
    CTMS got 1st place overall!!

    There were 10 schools competing, and several hundred students. Most of the events the kids competed in had 35-40 entries.


    They award best actor and best actress to the kids who have the most points overall out of the whole tournament and both were from our team!


    Best Actress: Natalie Leding

    Best Actor: Aidan Goin


    Here are our results from each event.


    Group Improv - students draw a topic have 5 minutes to plan, then perform a scene

    1st place: Natalie Leding, Joe Gutowski, Jacob DeJacimo

    2nd place: Aidan Goin, Bryce Cook, Kate Feighner

    3rd place: Nidhish Nerur, Jack Goad, Bronson Zhou, Cameron Hamway


    Reader's Theater - a short play that is rehearsed, but not memorized

    1st place: Aidan Goin, Peyton Williams, Kathan Shenoy


    Lip Sync

    1st place: Bryce Cook, Jacob DeJacimo, Aidan Goin, Joe Gutowski, Connor Shank

    3rd place: Chloe Cantrell, Channing George, Natalie Leding, Kathan Shenoy

    8th place: Madeline Campion, Kate Feighner, Saran Newland, Mackenzie Nucci, Peyton Williams


    Impromptu Speaking - the student draws a topic then has 5 minutes to plan then present an organized speech

    2nd place: Jack Goad


    Original Commercial - students create a product then write and rehearse a commercial advertising their product

    2nd place: Aidan Goin, Joe Gutowski, Natalie Leding, Kathan Shenoy, Bronson Zhou


    Oral Interp - a rehearsed reading of either a prose or poetry piece

    1st place: Peyton Williams

    2nd place: Madison Goslee

    3rd place: Kathan Shenoy

    4th place: Connor Shank

    5th place: Channing George

    6th place: Katherine Cox

    8th place: Jacob DeJacimo


    Storytelling – memorized performance of a children’s story

    6th place: Katherine Cox


    Prose Interp - an advanced section of oral interp, rehearsed reading of a prose selection

    1st place: Lauren Jones


    Poetry Interp - an advanced section of oral interp, rehearsed reading of a poetry selection

    1st place: Lauren Jones

    2nd place: Kate Feighner


    Pantomime - student creates a story that can be told through mime, accompanied with music and/ or sound effects

    1st place: Natalie Leding


    Duet Acting - a 7-10 minute memorized scene

    1st place: Connor Shank & Jacob DeJacimo

    2nd place: Kate Feighner & Lauren Jones

    3rd place: Katherine Cox & Olivia Hall

    5th place: Natalie Leding & Kathan Shenoy


    Duo Interp - a 7-10 minute memorized scene, similar to duet, with a different focus

    3rd place: Bryce Cook & Cameron Hamway

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  • Pictures
    School Pictures
     Friday, October 24
    Picture retakes will be Friday, October 24th during lunch on the stage in the SAC. If students were not pleased with their pictures, they need to bring the entire picture package back during lunch and exchange it for the new pictures.  If they did not get their picture taken during the first week of school, they need to use this opportunity for retakes.
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