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    Tuesday, March 20th - Tuesday, March 20
    This is the official site of the Cross Timbers Middle School Band.  Bookmark this site for future reference.  You can check here for information about the CTMS Band.
    2016-2017 Honors Band earns Sweepstakes Award at UIL
    Sweepstakes @ UIL!  

    Football Game Fun Tubas in The House                                                                           
                                                                                                          Congratulations to the CTMS 2014-2015 Honors Band for earning the coveted Sweepstakes Award for their performance at the UIL Concert & Sight-Reading Contest. Mr. Nájera and Mrs. Davis are very proud of the band's preparations and performance!  
    We would also like to congratulate our CTMS 2015-2016 Beginner Band for earning a First Division at the NRH2O Music Festival. Terrific job Band!  Great year!
                        Our Great Bands Performing!  
    Cross Timbers Middle School Band selected as a National Winner

    Congratulations to the CTMS Honors Band for being selected as National Winner in the 2011 National Wind Band Honors Project Mark of Excellence.  The band was selcected from a national field of entrants. This is the first time the band has received this honor. The Mark of Excellence recorded music contest offers bands, choirs, and orchestras the unprecedented opportunity to earn national recognition for their musical achievement.

                                                                  National Winner

                          UIL                     TMEA
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