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  • GCISD Update on Student Audio Recording
    On Thursday, we informed you that a student-created audio recording using vulgar and racially insensitive language had been circulating among our students. Today we learned that a remix of the original recording was posted overnight on social media. While we do not yet know the author of the remix, school and district officials are investigating.
    We were appalled by the original student-created recording and we are shocked and dismayed that anyone would create a remix. Our students have been working throughout this hurtful and emotional time to build unity and bring about positive change.
    For example, today approximately 200 students at Grapevine High School took part in a peaceful walk-out this afternoon where they gathered together on their school’s front lawn. Students shared messages of ending racism and promoting respect in our community. A small number of students also gathered in the school’s library to work directly with our counselors, who provided an opportunity for students to write down their feelings and share thoughts and ideas on how their school can move forward.  
    We know the healing process will take time, but we are encouraged by the steps our students and staff took today. We will continue to build on this energy and strengthen our culture of respect throughout the district.
    Posted April 17, 2015 
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  • District Statement on Student Audio Recording
    We are appalled by a student-created recording that has been circulating among our students. The recording uses vulgar and racially insensitive words that are offensive and unacceptable. This type of language is not reflective of the culture of respect, understanding and sensitivity toward others that we expect in Grapevine-Colleyville ISD. 
    The recording was first posted on social media almost two years ago during summer vacation in June 2013. However, we just became aware of this recently. Because the students made the recording when school was not in session, and because no district equipment or facilities were used to produce or distribute the recording, the district does not have legal disciplinary authority. Once we learned of the recording, the students removed the original file and each student issued a formal apology letter.
    Our students, staff, families and community are upset that the perception of their school is being negatively characterized by this incident. It is not consistent with the values that we work to instill in our students and is not a true representation of our schools and district as a whole.
    This situation has been emotional and hurtful. As we begin the healing process, we will seize this moment to strengthen our culture of respect throughout the district. 
    Posted April 16, 2015 
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  • GCISD Focus | GCISD spotlights STEM careers through college night expo
    GCISD will host its first STEM Expo College Night on Tuesday, April 28, 6 – 8 p.m. at Grapevine High School to feature STEM-related education programs and career fields. Open to all high school students in GCISD and across the metroplex, the expo will provide a platform for students to visit with STEM-related colleges and industry professionals. Students will have the opportunity to tour interactive exhibits while engaging in conversations with professors and admissions counselors.
    “Students rarely have the opportunity to meet with college professors, let alone dean’s of programs,” said Marland May, Grapevine High School counselor. “The STEM Expo is an opportunity to fully investigate a campus of your choice based on their perspective major.”
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  • GCISD Math and Science Teams Travel to State Contest
    TMSCA The GCISD middle school Math and Science teams attended the Texas Math and Science Coaches Association State (TMSCA) competition at the University of Texas- San Antonio on April 11.
    The four middle schools had more than 15 students place in the top 20, with two students from Colleyville Middle School tying for first place in the seventh grade Number Sense contest.
    Colleyville Middle School and Heritage Middle School competed in the 6A division and placed ninth and 32nd respectively out of more than 80 schools.
    Grapevine Middle School and Cross Timbers Middle School competed in the 5A division and placed 14th and 22nd overall out of 60 schools.
    To see the full results, click here. 
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B.E.S.T. Report

  • Be Informed and Be Involved

    Posted by Communication Services at 4/10/2015
    When I started teaching 29 years ago at Hurst Junior High, I never thought about my Senators and Representatives or the State Legislature. I just did not think that what they did in Austin would ever affect me in my classroom in Hurst, Texas. How wrong I was! In fact, they have a great impact on what happens in every public education classroom in Texas.  
    It has been a while since the news from Austin has been good news. In 2011, the Legislature cut state funding for public education, which resulted in $14 million less for GCISD. In 2013, they only replaced a portion of those cuts, which translated to $1.6 million per year for our district. So when we don’t have the dollars for staff salary increases, supplies, etc., to support our classrooms, it is directly related to the decisions made in Austin.  
    This week, however, was a different story. House Education Committee Chair Jimmie Don Aycock announced HB 1759, which takes a very positive step toward restoring the cuts of 2011. (This bill has the support of our Representative Giovanni Capriglione.) The school finance system in Texas is notoriously complicated, as you can see from the vocabulary in the announcement below, but simply put, HB 1759 reduces Robin Hood, increases equity and provides more dollars for the students in public education. For GCISD, this could be a $7 million increase in funding. It is not a full restoration of the 2011 dollars, but it is a very big step in the right direction.
    HB 1759 is still a long way from becoming law, but this is a very positive start. I hope you will watch the progress of this bill and others that are being considered this session.  It’s important – and it affects every person involved with public education. I just wish I could have figured that out 29 years ago.
    I encourage you to be informed and be involved in the future of public education. Our legislators want to hear from teachers, school staff and parents. Our GCISD Champions group found out recently just how easy it is to call or email our legislators directly and provide feedback – you could ask your campus or department Champion about that! Texans For Local Schools is another resource you can use to register your position on proposed legislation. Together, each one of us can have an impact on the future!
    House Public Education Committee Discusses HB 1759 School Finance Bill
    The House Public Education Committee met today, and Chairman Jimmie Don Aycock laid out HB 1759. He began by noting that the goal was to do what is best for Texas’ 5.2 million Texas public school students, while also trying to simplify the school finance system.  
    Aycock stated that no school will lose funding for the 2015-17 biennium under this plan. He noted that the bill does not deal with the weights and facility funding, but that they are important issues that will need to be addressed in the 2017 legislative session. The bill adds approximately $3 billion above the funding needed to cover enrollment growth.
    HB 1759 Highlights:
    • Increases the Basic Allotment (BA) from $5,040 to $5,888
    • Raises the Equalized Wealth Level to $588,800
    • Repeals the CEI and flows the funding through the BA
    • Repeals the transportation allotment and flows the funding through the BA 
      ($125 ADA = small district adjustment)
    • Flows funding from the High School Allotment through the BA
    • Flows Additional Aid for Nonprofessional Salary through the BA
    • Repeals the 1992-93 chapter 41 Hold Harmless
    • Extends the CTE allotment to eighth-grade students
    • Phases out the Midsized Adjustment over several years at 5 percent
    • Does not change small school adjustments
    • Moves the majority of schools from ASATR to the formulas by flowing funding through the BA
    • Addresses the issue of fractional funding up to $1.00
    Dr. Robin Ryan
    GCISD Superintendent of Schools
    The B.E.S.T. Report is a weekly communication from our superintendent about our schools and community.
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  • Chic Boutique is Open!
    The Chic Boutique will be open every Saturday from April 11-May 9 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. The Chic Boutique, located at the district administration building, is a GCISD parent-led enterprise is a shopping boutique for middle and high school students that provides gently used banquet and prom dresses at no cost to the student.

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  • STEM Expo College Night
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