• Get Involved in Middle School

    Students who are involved in activities get better grades, and they usually like school a lot more! 

       Eight  Great Reasons to Participate in School Activities


       1.  Spend time with friends and meet new people- When you have activities such as Student Council (Stuco), Robotics Team, Pony Pride, Students Standing Strong, etc. you meet new people who have interests just like yours.  Sometimes those friends can be fun! 

     2.  Enjoy school more-  When you're a part of the school's "team", you learn new things and begin to build new skills - it makes life more interesting.  Teams can include an athletic team, band, choir, even UIL or the math and science team. 
    3.  Provide a valuable service -  Every year GMS participates in service projects such as the GMS Goes Pink, helping clean up around Lake Grapevine, collecting food for Grace, buying T-shirt, etc.  It’s a good thing to be a part of something much bigger than you.
    4.  Try something new.  It’s a good thing to try as many new things as you can in middle school such as learning how to play chess, learning how to be organized and responsible, maybe running cross-country instead of sitting in front of the TV.  Some people even earn scholarship money in the 8th grade by writing an essay - there are exciting opportunities to learn about yourself.


     5.  Become a leader.  Some clubs elect officers, some activities need a leader who shows the others how to play a new game or problem-solve for a new answer to some problem.  Leadership can take many forms, and perhaps one of those forms will fit you. 

    6.  Relieve stress.  Some people relieve stress by playing in athletics or P.E. Some people relieve stress by writing interesting stories or music, some people relieve stress by talking to their friends.  There are many ways to reduce the amount of stress in any given day in middle school.


     7.  Develop your skills and talents.  Some students began the 6th grade not knowing anything about music - and leave in the 8th grade in the honor band!  There are many activities in which participation will help you learn more about yourself and your abilities.  You are only limited by your willingness to try something different.


    8.  Have fun!  While middle school can be stressful and sometimes hard, most days have some chances to have a good time - with your friends, with your skills, with your teachers (yes, that’s possible), and with your abilities.


     If you don't know what activities are available at GMS, listen to the GMS daily announcements - good information is in those announcements - and check the GMS web site.


     Some of this information is borrowed from "How to Get the MOST out of Middle School Junior High" by Linda O"Brien, from Woodburn Press, 2008 Edition; p. 9 & 10.





Last Modified on October 15, 2017