Peer pressure is something with which teens are constantly faced. Adults are faced with pressures from other adults but not to the extent that teens have to face this problem.
    The desire to follow a crowd is normal because most people are generally interested in what others are saying or doing.

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    Here are some ideas things you can tell teens that can help then successfully resist peer pressure:
    • Listen to yourself. If you feel uncomfortable with something you're being asked to do, that should tell you something. Learn to trust yourself.
    • Are you feeling pushed toward something? Think about whether the activity is in your best interest.
    • Don't fall the for the line, "Everyone does it, why don't you?" It is not very likely that every other teenager is doing the thing that you are being pressured to do.
    • Plan ahead. Avoid situations that you know could create peer pressure to do what you know isn't in your best interest.
    • Develop a "buddy" who is one other person whom you can depend on to say "NO" in situations with you.
    • Have more than one or two close friends. If you are under a lot of pressure from one group to give in to their demands, you can turn to your other group of friends.
    • Develop ways to feel good about yourself such as school achievements or hobbies. People who feel good about themselves are not as likely to cave into other's  pressures.
    By using these ideas, teens can work toward being able to think for themselves and resist peer pressure.
    From: "How to Resist Peer Pressure", Charter Grapevine Behavioral Health System
Last Modified on January 18, 2017