• Mr. Naylor 8th grade math

    About the teacher


    Mr. Naylor has taught middle school math for 11 years. This will be his 9th year at Grapevine Middle school. He has a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from Weber State University. Prior to becoming a teacher he worked as a Test Engineer for 18 years.

    He  has three children.


    His hobbies include playing the piano, guitar and harmonica and hanging out with his kids.




    Mission For the class


    Learn new math skills and understand how to use those skills in real life situations.


    Classroom Syllabus

     Mr. Naylor 8th grade math

    ·       Write down the agenda and  homework assignment in your planner


    ·       Do the Warm-up problems in your composition book and write the date at the top.


    ·       Get out your home work and make sure it’s ready to be graded.


    ·       Lesson for the day.


    ·       Start homework and collaborate with teacher and other students to solve problems.



    Grading policy


    10% Warm-up


    15% Homework


    25% Quiz


    50% Tests




Last Modified on August 16, 2017