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    Welcome to the Heritage Middle  School Counselor’s Corner
           OUR PROGRAM

    The guidance and counseling program will include:

    1. A Guidance Curriculum to help students develop their full educational potential.

    2. A Responsive Services component to intervene on behalf of any student whose immediate personal concerns or problems put the student's continued educational, career, personal or social development at risk.
    3. An Individual Planning system to guide a student as the student plans, monitors and manages the student's own educational, career (including interests and career objectives), personal and social development; and
    4. System Support to support the efforts of teachers, staff, parents and other members of the community in promoting the educational, career, personal and social development of students.


    This website offers dates that are important to your child and resource links to help you and your student. 

    Feel free to contact the Counseling Office with any questions that you might have.




Last Modified on June 9, 2017