• What's Up With Middle School?
    • Getting off to a good start in Middle School can help set the stage for future success in: high school, college or other advanced education or training, career pursuits and/or life!
    • It's a time filled with promise and anticipation.  Middle schoolers experience all sorts of opportunities and challenges.  It's a time of tremendous growth:  Socially, emotionally, academically and physically.
    • Your child will need your support and attention.  He or she will also look to you for plenty of information, guidance, love and understanding.
    Most children are at least a little concerned about starting Middle School.  Reassure your child that it's normal to have concerns about the building, the schedule, the teachers, the other students, academics and friendships. 
    Help your child be his or her best.  When it comes to academics, here are some ways to help your middle schooler:
    • Getting organized:  Many students benefit by using academic planners, color-coded notebooks and three ring binders with colored dividers.
    • Mastering bigger projects: Encourage your child to start early, break large tasks into smaller chunks, and ask for help when he or she needs it.  CHECK ON HIS OR HER PROGRESS REGULARLY.
    • Setting up a study routine:  Arrange for your child to have a consistent place to study and time each day for reviewing class work and doing assigned homework.
    Praise your child's successes and efforts.  Make your home a learning resource.  Use your local library.
    Work with the School Staff.  You'll find lots of people willing to help your child adjust to Middle School.  Don't hesitate to contact:
    • The Principal
    • The Assistant Principals
    • The School Counselors
    • School Nurse
    • Teachers
    • Tutors, Coaches and others who may be able to help.
    (Information provided by What's Up).
    Read All About It!
    Listed are a few books our Librarian has indicated might be helpful in preparation to transition to the Middle School:
    But Everyone Else Looks So Sure of Themselves; A Guide to Surviving the Teen Years by Lang, Denise V.
    Coping with Changing Schools by Smith, Sandra Lee.
    Everything You Need to Know About Changing Schools by Mernit, Susan.
    Feeling Good About Myself by Ward, Hiley H.
    How to Improve Your Study Skills by Coman, Marcia J.
    You'll Survive:  Late Blooming, Early Blooming, Loneliness, Klutziness, and Other Problems by Powledge, Fred.
    Your New School by Wirths, Claudine G.
Last Modified on January 13, 2017