HMS Fine Arts & Electives Teachers
    Barnabas Strickland
    Art - Barnabas Strickland
    Kim McCutcheon
    Head Band Director - Kim McCutcheon
    Brenda Hinton
    Assistant Band Director - Brenda Hinton
    Julie Ann Allen
    Choir Director - Julie Ann Allen
    Cheryl Morgan
    Choir Accompanist - Cheryl Morgan
    Laura Bookbinder
    Principles of Human Services / Touch Systems / College & Career Readiness /
    Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance -
    Laura Bookbinder
    Josh Dulaney
    Careers in Engineering / Coding - Josh Dulaney
    Andy Tucker
    Principles of Computer Science - Andy Tucker
    Miranda Reyes
    Spanish - Miranda Reyes
    Danny Kim
    Technology / Yearbook - Danny Kim
    Stephanie Laney
    Theatre / Department Learning Leader - Stephanie Laney 
Last Modified on November 28, 2017