6th Grade Social Studies

    World Cultures

    This course is designed to provide students the opportunity to study the people and places of today’s world.  Students learn about the impact of people on historical and present-day events in a variety of societies and identify the locations and geographic characteristics these display.  Throughout, students are introduced to the diverse methods for structuring economic and governmental systems, the concept of limited and unlimited government, and the nature of citizenship as presented by varying world cultures.  Further, students learn to compare institutions common to all societies such as government, economics, education, and religion.  Finally, the development of societies and points of view reflected concerning development of a civilization are explored.  




    PreAP World Cultures

    In addition to the basic study of World Cultures, the expectation is that Pre AP World Cultures classes will work at a more in-depth and rigorous level. Strategies such as analyzing primary source documents, free response questions, and quick writes will be used to demonstrate the student’s ability to assimilate information. These skills and more will help prepare students for PreAP and Discoveries classes later in Middle School.




    World Discoveries

    World Discoveries History is an exciting, challenging, and fast paced 6th grade course designed to give identified gifted and talented students the opportunity to study contemporary countries and societies.  Students learn about the impact of people on historical and present day events in a variety of societies, and identify locations and geographic characteristics.  Throughout, students learn to examine institutions common to all societies by applying the five foundations of Social Studies : government, economy, culture, geography, and history.  Individual and group assignments, critical thinking skills,depth and complexity in assignments, class and group discussions, contemporary issues, world geography, and enrichment activities will be emphasized.

    Furthermore, primary sources will be explored, giving the student a valuable look into the past.  Learning how to interpret and compare primary source documents is one of the first skills necessary to prepare for the essay section of the high school Advanced Placement History exam. 

    Because of the pacing of this class, outside work will be required.  It is important that students stay current with their work, and come to class prepared. 

     This course satisfies both the 6th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies requirements.

Last Modified on September 30, 2015