• 7th Grade Social Studies

    Texas History

    In the course of study for Texas History classes, students will study historical individuals, events and issues from early exploration to modern times and the impact on our state’s history. Meaningful lessons will be implemented using digital technology and traditional teaching methods. Students will be given opportunities to have a “voice” while participating in class discussions and small group activities. Vocabulary and social studies skills such as learning about cause and effect and reading maps, graphs and charts will be emphasized. Students will have the opportunity to become collaborative learners, skilled problem solvers, self-regulated learners, effective communicators and global citizens as they move forward in their journey of learning.



    PreAP Texas History

    In addition to the basic study of Texas History, the expectation is that Pre AP Texas History classes will work at a more in-depth and rigorous level. Strategies such as analyzing historical/primary source documents, free response questions, and quick writes will be used to demonstrate the student’s ability to assimilate information. These skills and more will help prepare students for AP classes in high school as well as the AP exams.




    Texas Discoveries

    This course is designed to provide gifted/talented students the opportunity to study Texas geography, historical development, culture, government, and folklore.  As in PreAP Texas History, the history portion of Texas Discoveries challenges students by extending social studies skills and broadening their knowledge base of Texas’ history through investigation and interpretation of multiple historical and contemporary viewpoints drawn from the varied cultures that make up the Lone Star State.  Taught in conjunction with Language Arts, Texas Discoveries further provides opportunities for extended learning through co-curricular activities, possible field trips to local historical sites, and hands-on experiences.  In addition, Future Problem Solving skills are practiced and utilized throughout the curriculum by adapting processes learned in Language Arts to historical topics.

    This course satisfies both the 7th Grade Language Arts and History requirements.

Last Modified on October 12, 2015