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August 29, 2014

Weston:  no new homework
Alexander: finish reviewsheet
Macgregor: 1st period finish equivalent fractions work
3rd period   snake puzzle
 PEMDAS   Parentheses, Exponent, Multiply-divide across the problem, Add-subtract across the problem
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
User MAC1TX07
PW: lonestar
 Mrs. R. Green:  read 20 minutes tonight
Ms. Shirley: 
 SOCIAL STUDIES   Ellsberry-finish world map...
  map       rubric
Spiral covered by Wednesday
Country reports link 
Culturegram link:
bring composition book everyday to Science
 Link to water conservation picture: world water use
picture of gallon of watergallon of water use
Conclusion help:
Must have all three parts in complete sentences.  Quality, not quantity, counts.
Please, no "its"  "they" or other pronouns
Go to this website to study for chapter Science test:

Robyn and Mrs. Green at the Dallas World Aquarium July 2011


                    Dallas World Aquarium     

















































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