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    Expectations    **The Fantastic Four**

    Be prompt

    ·         Be in your seat and ready to learn when the bell rings.

    Be prepared

    ·         Bring all needed supplies to class everyday (see below).

    ·         Follow directions the first time given.

    Be polite and positive

    ·         Don’t do anything to interfere with the learning process.

    ·         Speak in a normal tone of voice, and listen attentively.

    ·         Show respect to teachers and students at all times.

    Be productive

    ·         Turn in work on time, and always do your best!


    Materials to bring to class EVERYDAY-

    · Pencil and a grading pen (other than black, please)

    · Math folder with brads or three-ring binder arranged the following way:


                · Notebook paper (in the brads or rings)

    · A HMS binder reminder or something to write down your assignments in



    · You will have some kind of an assignment in class almost everyday (except for test days).  Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”  - Vince Lombardi

    · Please write your first AND last name, class period and date on ALL assignments.

    · ALWAYS use a pencil to complete assignments.  Use a pen when grading.

    · Work neatly.  If I can’t read your work or answer, it’s wrong.



    Tardy Procedure-

    · You are expected to be in your desk, when the tardy bell rings. 

    · If you are tardy, sign the Tardy Sheet on the table by the door.

    · Consequences (per six weeks) are as follows: 

    > 1st Offense: Warning

    > 2nd Offense: Teacher D-Hall

    > 3rd+ Offense: Office Referral


    Absent Work-

    · YOU are responsible for getting work you missed while not in class.  Check the assignment sheet and anything handed out in class will be filed by date underneath the assignment sheet.  For example, if you missed class on Tuesday the 19th, check the file labeled 19.

    · Complete absent work promptly, including work due the day you were gone.  Write “ABSENT” across the top of your paper and turn into your class period tray.

    · Come in during Stampede if you need help with absent work.

    · YOU are responsible for making up missed tests/quizzes during Stampede, or before or after school.  Schedule a time with me if necessary.

    · Absent work not turned in within a reasonable amount of time will be considered late.  See below.


    Late Work-

    · You are required to complete ALL assignments. 

    Day assignment is due

    Full credit earned

    Assignment is one day late

    A 20 point deduction

    Assignment is 2 or more days late

    Grade of 0

    Students with missing work as of Thursday of each week

    Will be assigned to tutorial time or study hall during Stampede

    · You are allowed no more than 3 late assignments per six weeks, and any after that result in an automatic zero.  

    · EVERY problem must be completed, or assignment will be returned and counted another day late.

    · When turning in late work, write “LATE” across the top of your assignment and turn into your class period tray.


    Your Grade-

              40% Daily Grades

                       > includes homework, class work, folder checks

              60% Major Grades

                       > includes tests, quizzes, projects

              ** Keep ALL assignments in your math folder until the end of the six week period and you have checked Skyward to ensure that I have typed in every grade correctly.  You MUST be able to show me the graded assignment for me to correct my grades.**



    · Come to tutorials during Stampede. You are always welcome on my tutorial days!

    · If you are unable to come during Stampede, talk with me about scheduling before or after school tutorials.

    · Website that goes with your textbook:  tx.msmath2.com
Last Modified on March 1, 2010