Grapvine-Colleyville Independent School District
Bear Creek Elementary School


The safety of your child is our top priority.  Drop off and pick up times can be very hectic and many parents are in a hurry during this time.  In order to protect your child and make drop off and pick up as orderly as possible, we ask that you review the following.  Carefully review the directional markers for entering and exiting the parking areas. Children and adults need to use the crosswalks when moving to the parking lot or crossing the street. Students should also know who is picking them up each day so they can be ready to leave the waiting area when your car is in the loading slot.  We appreciate your cooperation so that we can assure the safety of all children at Bear Creek.

1.    All children and adults must cross at the marked crosswalks.

2.    When dropping off children in the parking areas, please pull into a parking space and escort your child to the crosswalk area.  

3.    The bus circle is reserved for day care vans (unloading and loading) and Kindergarten pick up.  Parents may use this area to drop off children in the morning. 
4.    Vehicles in the front drive MUST pull ahead to the next available drop off box as it becomes available. Carefully move over to the left exit lane after you have dropped off or picked up your child.

5.    While in the drive through lanes and drop off box please refrain from dressing children, checking backpacks or chatting/visiting with others.

6.    Vehicles may not be left unattended in the drive through lane/drop off box as it slows the traffic flow. This is a marked fire lane and cars can be ticketed if parked in this area.

7.    Please follow the traffic flow as illustrated on the map provided and on the signs in front of the school. Entering through the exit lanes is very dangerous!

8.    Please show courtesy and respect to the parent and student volunteers – their purpose is to protect the students as they arrive and depart from school each day.