• Technology at Bear Creek
    Bear Creek Elementary students and faculty are fortunate to have many technology resources readily available for their use. The building is part of the GCISD Wide Area Network providing network and wireless internet access to all classrooms, labs and the library. Bear Creek students and teachers are supported by John Winer, Campus Tech, and Texas Education Agency Certified Technology Education professional.
    Technology Resources:
    Computer Labs-
    2 Labs with 26 Dell student stations in each lab
    Mounted projectors connected to document cameras and teacher station
    Flatbed scanners, and network accessible laser printers in each lab
    Mobile lab of 24 Dell Netbooks
    2 iPad2 mobile cart sets for (non-digital) classroom checkout
    Dell teacher station
    Minimum of 2 Dell student stations
    Mounted projector connected to teacher station and document camera in every classroom
    Digital Classrooms-
    15 mobile carts with 22 iPads (one for each student) and 6 Macbook Air laptops
    Each digital teacher has a Macbook and an iPad2 equipped for projector display
    Campus Broadcast Studio-
    Video recording and live broadcast of Bear Creek News and Announcements
    8 Dell student stations, UPC check-out and check-in of library resources
    2 mobile carts with 25 iPads each for Media and Library Research
    Cart with laptop, powered speakers, projector and document camera for checkout
    4 Projectors for Checkout by Teachers and Special Guests
    1 Boxlight projector mounted for viewing on a large venue electric screen
    Music Lab-
    14 Mac iStations, Electronic Keyboards and Music Production Equipment
    Additional Hardware:
    Digital Cameras
    Voice Recorders
    Flip Digital Video Cameras
    Dukane AirSlates
    MacBook laptops for teacher checkout
    Promethean ActivExpressions student response systems at each grade level plus one for checkout
    Cart with laptop, powered speakers, document camera and connectors for assemblies and stage productions in the cafeteria using a Boxlight mounted projector and large venue electric screen
    Smart Boxlight Projectors are now in every classroom for interactive use. All the Dell Desktops on campus will be upgraded to Windows 7 for the new 2013-2014 school year.  The campus network will also be upgraded to Gigabyte transfer speeds.
    123 Math Fonts
    123 Word Search
    ActivInspire 1.6 (interactive projector software)
    Crossword Weaver
    FileMaker Pro 11
    Firefox 20
    Flash Player
    Format Factory
    Imagination Station
    Inspiration 8

    Internet Explorer

    Kid Keys

    Kid Pix 4

    Kidspiration 3

    LightPen3 (interactive projector software)

    Logic Blocks

    Math Fonts


    Microsoft Office 2012

    Movie Maker2

    Peg Board


    PhotoStory 3

    Power DVD


    Read Naturally
    Real Player

    Scholastic Keys

    Stationery Studio

    Type To Learn 3

    Type To Learn Junior

    Type To Learn New Keys for Kids

    Write Outloud