• Be prepared for class
    • Listen carefully and follow directions
    • Display appropriate behavior at all times
    • Respect others
    • Turn in assignments on time
    5th Grade Grading Policy
    1. Students will be given a chance to redo daily assignments and quizzes below a 70%.  If corrected, the highest grade given will be a 70% regardless of the corrected score.  Correcting or retaking unit tests will not be permitted.  The students will be given one week from the date the graded paper is returned to turn in the corrected assignment.

    1. Students who turn in assignments past the due date will have 10 points deducted from their score.  After one week the grade becomes a zero and will not be raised.  Two weeks will be allowed for major projects.

    1. Teachers will make a concerted effort to get any missing work from students.  In other words, the teacher should keep the student in from recess until the assignment is completed.  Parents will be contacted as deemed necessary.

    1. Unit tests and major projects will be weighted double.

    1. An instructing teacher will reteach during study hall, or schedule tutoring as needed.  This is mandatory if the student is failing.

    1. The teacher will request a conference if a student is failing any subject.