Kindergarten Expectations


    Personal Behavior:                                                  

    1. Shows self-control.

    2. Respects authority.

    3. Gets along well with others.

    4. Keeps hands, feet and objects to self.

    5. Talks at the appropriate time.

    6. Displays appropriate classroom behavior.

    7. Displays appropriate cafeteria behavior.

    8. Stays on task.

    9. Listens to and follows directions.

    10. Completes daily work on time.

    11. Is responsible for materials.

    12. Uses playground equipment safely.


    Rewards may include: praise, positive notes, stickers, special privileges.


    Consequences may include: time out from recess and/or free choice centers, loss of privileges, temporary removal to another kindergarten classroom.


    Causes for immediate office referral * (as stated in the GCISD Code of Conduct) includes: obscene language, injury to others, disrupting school environment, extreme disrespect to school personnel.


    *Parents will be notified of office referrals.