Class expectations for Mrs. Walker’s class.

    1.    Follow directions the first time they are given.

    2.    Raise hand, wait for permission to speak.

    3.    Stay in seat unless given permission.

    4.    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    5.    Treat others with respect.


    Consequences for all behaviors are tracked using Class Dojo that your student and the parent will have access to. If there are any issues with your student’s behavior, messages can be sent via Class Dojo and Monday folders being signed indicating that you have viewed the Class Dojo account. Please use your login code to see a more detailed behavior during the day. If your child is in the negatives before recess, they will be sitting out of recess for 5 minutes.

    Also in fourth grade, we utilize a “checkbook” system that coordinates with our math curriculum and also encourages positive behavior.  Students are given an opening balance of money (imaginary!) each new 9 weeks to utilize in their own checkbook.  Each day, students will enter both debits and credits to help them learn the basics of financial literacy.  This checkbook system in no way effects grading but is simply a motivating factor for students to maintain their focus on working and learning in class!