• chalkboard1st Grade Classroom Expectations and Classroom Discipline Plan



    1st Grade Student Responsibilities:  Students are expected to be on time each day for school, and to be prepared to listen attentively, follow directions, work independently and/or cooperatively with others, and to follow school and classroom rules.  At school your child will have many responsibilities, some of which are:  completing daily work and activities in a timely manner, following digital citizenship rules and expectations, keeping track of books and supplies, returning homework, books and folders on time, and obtaining parent signatures as needed.  Bear Creek Elementary School is following the R.E.S.P.E.C.T Character Qualities & Expectations.


    R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Characteristics & Expectations of a 1st Grader

    In 1st Grade we are continuing the journey to success by building on the 7 “Respect Characteristics” from Kindergarten and which are listed below.  Each day your child begins on the top level of our 3-Tiered Respect Chart. This is the daily expected behavior for all students.   If your child is having difficulty with one or more of the "RESPECT Characteristics," they will receive more than one warning/reminder to make a positive change in their behavior.   But if the difficulty continues, the student will move his/her clip down the chart one or two levels on our Respect Chart.   Specific letters from R.E.S.P.E.C.T will be written in their daily folder to inform parents and guardians of the area(s) the student is working on.  Stickers, smiley faces, stars, etc. will be given to students who are able to remain on the top level of our Respect Chart by the end of the school day.  Students always have every opportunity to make a positive change and move back up to the top level of our chart.  Following the school-wide R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Characteristics & Expectations is insuring a safe and fun learning environment for all students!

    R    Responsible: Be responsible for self, supplies, daily work & homework.

    E    Engaged: Listen, follow directions & stay on task.

    S    Supportive: Works cooperatively in groups.  Helps others in need.

    P    Perseverant: Putting forth your best effort in all areas.

    E    Empathy: Shows kindness to others.

    C    Courteous:  Talks at appropriate times. Shows respect to peers & adults.

    T    Trustworthy: Shows integrity through honesty and making positive choices