• Welcome to First Grade!
    Homework is pretty consistent in first grade.
    On Mondays, you will receive the weekly newsletter.  This is an important document to find out the spelling rule, upcoming events and what share sheet is due.
    Share Sheets are sent home on Mondays and are due the next Monday.  Please complete the sheet, sign the bottom and return the whole page so I will know it has been completed.  Share Sheets are checked on the Monday they are due and each student is given a sticker for completing the sheet.  We use the stickers to chart their progress.
    Spelling pretests are given on Mondays and then we study the rule for the next two weeks.  The official test will be recorded on the last Friday of the two weeks after the students have had a chance to work the rule in class as well as at home.   The main focus of spelling is to show the kids they can use the rule not just for a test, but for all of their writing.  This is very important for their success in their daily writing.  If they only study for one list on one test, there is no meaning in their work.  We want them to know that studying the whole rule will give them the knowledge to determine sounds anytime they come across this in their work. 
    The spelling activities included with their Monday paper are not due in class but are extra practice to help you work on spelling at home.
    Readers will come home most nights unless we have an event such as Laps for Learning, etc. and the district expectation is that students will read 10-15 minutes each night.  Please have your student read the enclosed book (or chapter) to you and then sign the reading log in the Take Home Reader page and return it all the next day.  We use these in our reading groups to help with fluency, comprehension and confidence! 
    Please help your child to remember their homework, readers, backpack, etc.  We work hard at learning to take ownership of these things so that the responsibility will shift from them relying on you only to them relying on themselves with parents and teachers as back up.  This skill only becomes more valuable as they advance through the grades and on into life!
    Thank you for all the support you give our classroom.  It really makes a difference to your kids! 
    Thanks for all you do!
    Corrie Kaufmann