• Here are some of the things we will cover in 1st grade…

    In Language Arts and Reading- 
    Students will experience a variety of literature and work on their comprehension skills.  They will need to spell grade level words correctly.  Be able to use reference and resource materials.   Writing skills will be refined by learning how to edit and publish certain writings.  Students will learn to listen critically and constructively, use reading, writing and speaking skills in all subject areas.  
    1st graders are expected to write sentences and know punctuation and capitalization.  We have incorporated journal writing in our morning work.  We also have a place in our room to display Anchor Charts that are used as a reference tool for better writing.  Writing in all subjects are also expected.  In math students are encouraged to write and explain their thinking while problem solving and completing inquiry assignments.  It's a great way for them to grow as a writer and a learner.  Writing Project of the year:  Research and write about a Texas animal.

    In Mathematics-

    Students will work on addition and subtraction skills,  problem solving, measurement,  counting coins and telling time to the half hour,  reading and analyzing various types of graphs, recognize geometric shapes, and apply math skills to real life situations.  Math Project of the year:  Collection of 100 items on the100th day of school.
    In Science-
    Students will observe and analyze the properties of living and nonliving things, identify various systems, explain how system parts interact with one another, learn about the life cycle of various organisms, explain the needs of living things and how their needs are meet, recognize the function of different parts of plants and uses of soil.  But most importantly, develop a curiosity about the world around them and a strategy to find out more.  Science Project of the year:  Creating a diorama of a certain habitat in Texas.
    In Social Studies  
    Students learn about communities, maps and globes.  We cover past and present time.   First graders learn how to use a timeline. We teach a big unit on Texas. First graders will learn and recognize the state bird, tree, song, etc. Texas projects will be completed at school and displayed at Open House.