• Reading
    Your child reads at school every day with materials such as:
    •  Environmental print
    •  Personal name
    •  Poetry
    •  Wordless Picture Books
    •  Snap Words
    •  Predictable Patterned Text
    • Stories with Words
    After reading a story with your child, please help secure comprehension by:
    •  Retelling the story
             Is your child able to recall specific details about the beginning, middle and end of the story? 
    • Discussing the characters
    • Identifying where the story took place
    • Was there a problem in the story? If so, how was the problem solved?

    Things that help:

    • Read every day at home. 
                Reading daily at home between 10 and 15 minutes will help strengthen
                and improve your child's reading ability and help establish a homework routine, too.
    • Practice reading, spelling and writing the Kindergarten In-a-Snap Words!