• We welcome you to eat lunch with your child!  Please take note of the following:
    • Lunch is from 11:20-11:50.  If you are bringing your child lunch, please make every effort to be prompt.  Sign in before coming to the cafeteria.
    • Due to state laws, you may only provide lunch for your OWN child.
    • We make every effort to allow the children to be social at lunch, while keeping a reasonable noise level.  Please help us out by keeping siblings seated.
    • Students are not allowed to leave their seats without permission.  If they raise their hand, we will come to them.  This is for the safety of everyone. 
    • Feel free to help out by opening packages & grabbing forks, napkins, etc. as needed!
    • Lunch menus are available by visiting the district website.  Teachers do not have extra lunch menus available.
    • We have a nut-free table and nut-free zones to ensure the safety of our children with peanut & nut allergies.
    • If you wish to set parameters on the snacks or extras your child may purchase for lunch, please visit the GCISD Nutrition Services page to set that up or click on the following link.  Note on Meal Account
    For lunch prices and menus, please visit the GCISD Nutrition Services page.