• Your child's birthday will be recognized in the classroom.  Cupcakes, cookies or food of any kind are NOT ALLOWED.  This is a GCISD policy.  The following are suggestions of ways you might choose to celebrate your child's birthday with the class.
    • Send a special pencil or pen for each student
    • Send a coloring book or activity book for each student
    • Read to the class on your child's special day 
    • Donate a special book to the classroom
    • Donate an education game to the classroom
    • Eat lunch with your child
    Each classroom will have a birthday book basket in the classroom library.  If you donate a book for your child, a sticker will placed in the book, and the book will go in birthday book basket for the children to pleasure read.
    PLEASE NOTE:  GCISD does not allow party invitations to be handed out in the classroom.  Please be prepared to mail the invitations. Teachers are not suppose to give out mailing addresses.  Addresses can be found in the CES PTA directory.