• Dear Parents --

    We're excited about having your children in our classrooms! This year the students will be switching classes. We know this is a big change for them, so we will be working on organization throughout the year to help the students keep up with their supplies and materials as they go to other classrooms. 

    Thank you for allowing us to be part of your child’s educational experience. We look forward to a great year in fourth grade!

    Mrs. Grant           kim.grant@gcisd.net

    Mrs. Auker     catherine.auker@gcisd.net

    Miss Murray     natasha.murray@gcisd.net

    Mrs. Clem    nicki.clem@gcisd.net 



    Our conference period is from 8:00-8:50 a.m. We would be happy to conference with you during that time. Each teacher reserves two days a week for team and content area planning. Please check with your child’s teacher to see which days they are available to meet. Please contact the teacher first with any concerns. If you have a concern over a particular subject, please consult the teacher involved. The following information may be helpful:

    For Mrs. Grant’s class:

                Mrs. Grant -- math, science

                Mrs. Auker -- reading, writing, social studies 

    For Mrs. Auker’s class:

                Mrs. Grant -- math, science

                Mrs. Auker -- reading, writing, social studies 

    For Miss Murray's class:

                Mrs. Clem -- math, science

                Miss Murray -- reading, writing, social studies

     For Mrs. Clem's class:

              Mrs. Clem -- math, science

              Miss Murray -- reading, writing, social studies


    CES is excited to introduce digital classrooms. Fourth grade students will utilize digital tools necessary to approach learning in a whole new way. While the content of fourth grade has not changed, the manner in which students access information and construct meaning from it will look different. Fewer paper worksheets will be completed. Each student has an iPad to use every day. In addition, classrooms have laptops for students to use.



    Language Arts

    The language arts curriculum consists of several components:

    • Reading – Students will study comprehension strategies through self-selected reading choice along with poetry.
    • Spelling – Students will have spelling lists and activities that reinforce the spelling rule of the week.
    • Grammar - Students will be encouraged to display a basic knowledge of proper grammar. New skills will be introduced and prior skills will be reinforced. These skills will be integrated across the curriculum.
    • Writing – Students will write in a variety of formats, including narrative, expository, persuasive, descriptive, and poetry. There will be an emphasis on skills that help students in the development of ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and mechanics.


    Students will study number sense; place value; computation and rounding with whole numbers through addition, subtraction, multiplication, division; decimals; measurement; geometry; fractions; graphing; probability and statistics. There will be an emphasis on problem-solving with estimation and reasonableness, as well as with logical and critical thinking skills.


    Students will apply the CER and process skills to their study of physical properties of matter; soil and erosion; water cycle, adaptations; plant and animal life cycle; and forms of energy.

    Social Studies

    Students will study the history, government, economy, culture, and geography of Texas.




    Students will participate in Reading Workshop during class and are required to read nightly for a minimum of 20 minutes. GCISD has created a new challenge this year for our students. Students across GCISD have been challenged – read 25 books over and above required class reading before the last day of school in June. The challenge is open to students in grades 3-12, but students and parents of all ages are encouraged to join the effort. “The research on reading is indisputable – the more a student reads, the more successful they will be in every subject,” Newell said. “The research is also clear about choice – students who have a voice in selecting what they read will be more motivated to read.”


    Students will participate in Writing Workshop. They will receive intense instruction in both expository and narrative writing as well as learning revising and editing skills.   


    This year in fourth grade students will learn to think critically and become advanced problem solvers.  Students will have daily math practice that covers the skills we are currently working on, along with skills that have been previously taught. Each skill will continue to be reinforced through the daily math to ensure students are retaining what they learn.  They will then have a graded quiz on Friday that covers the concepts taught for the week.  Math homework will be given on Mondays and Wednesdays. Monday’s assignment will cover the concepts being learned in class, and Wednesday's will focus on problem-solving.  Both fourth grade math classrooms are digital!  Students will be using Edmodo to complete a lot of their classwork, along with many other resources.  If you have any questions regarding your child's progress, please be sure to contact their math teacher.   


    Newsletter (emailed)- Friday

    Friday Folder- Friday

    Behavior Sheet- Friday

    Take Home Folder- EVERY night

    Planner-EVERY night


    Friday folders should be signed and are due back on Monday. Please go through the items with your child. Discuss their papers with them so that you can help them.


    Homework is assigned Monday - Thursday. Teachers will work together to coordinate homework schedules. Homework is due the following day at the beginning of the class period. In an effort to help the students become more organized, we will not allow students to call home regarding forgotten homework or assignments.



    All adults who plan on attending field trips must fill out the district background check. The information and application is all online. Fourth grade participates in a fall and a spring field trip. 



    We believe the school community, including students, parents, faculty, and staff must work together to provide a safe and supportive environment that promotes teaching and learning. We shall establish clear guidelines for academic and behavioral excellence and use discipline in a positive, supportive, logical, and consistent manner.


    1.   Respect all adults.

    2.   Follow directions the first time given.

    3.   Respect the feelings, space, and property of others.

    4.   Be orderly and silent in halls and bathrooms.

    5.   Obey cafeteria and playground rules.


    1st Offense- Verbal Warning

    2nd Offense- Loss of 1/2 of recess (Time will be spent on the “Thinking Track”)

    3rd Offense- Loss of all of recess (Time will be spent on the “Thinking Track”)

    4th Offense- Completion of behavioral report form (to be signed by parent) and parent phone call

    5th Offense- Sent to principal or assistant principal for disciplinary action


    ·       Verbal Praise

    ·       Rachel’s Challenge Links given to students who are caught being kind

    ·       Other positive rewards provided at teacher and grade level discretion

    In addition to the Discipline Plan, students must also follow Classroom Expectations

    1. Follow directions the first time given.

    2. Talk at appropriate times.

    3. Have all materials ready (including homework) when class begins.

    4. Stay on assigned task.

    5. Treat others with courtesy and respect.


    Students who behave appropriately will be rewarded with verbal praise, special privileges, and free time activities.


    Students not following classroom or campus expectations will have documentation in their Friday Folder and their citizenship grade will be affected.


    Students are permitted to bring a snack to eat in the morning. We ask that you send only healthy snacks that are in single serving size. Please, no nuts of any kind or messy snacks. This is a great way to boost brainpower!

    Nutritional Snacks 


    Animal crackers

    Graham crackers

    Wheat crackers


    Dry cereal

    Vanilla wafers

    Fruit snacks

    LUNCH 12:20-12:50

    Lunch Time Visitors

    If you’re visiting your child for lunch we ask that you sit at the classroom table with them. Or, you could sit at the back table and your child may choose one friend to join you all. Please say your goodbyes and excuse yourself when we turn out the lights for the last few minutes of lunch. This is a no talking time in which students are finishing their food and cleaning up their area.


    (Please NO Food/Candy/Balloons)

    If your child wishes to celebrate his/her birthday with their classmates, please send enough party favors for the entire class. Favors might include items such as pencils, notepads, or fun prizes. Students are also welcome to donate a book to their classroom library.


    Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes every day to participate in P.E. Students who do not have the proper attire must sit out, and their P.E. grade will be affected.

    "Shoes for elementary physical education, (K-5), must be fully enclosed athletic tennis shoes. Excludes wheelies, crocks, sports sandals, elevated soles, cleats, hiking boots, and flip-flops. See P. E. teacher for further safety clarifications." 


    Car riders will need to enter through the front of the school. Students are to report to their classrooms no earlier than 7:35 and no later than 7:40. Students arriving earlier must go to the cafeteria until they are dismissed to their classrooms at 7:35. Parents should walk their children to the front doors and say goodbye at this time. In order to follow school policy, we request that parents not walk their children to the classroom.


    Arrival 7:40-8:00= Late

    After 5 “lates” in a semester period, an after-school or recess detention of 15 minutes will be assigned. If the student is late an additional 5 times, this will result in a second detention, this time of 30 minutes.

    Arrival past 8:00= Tardy

    This is counted towards Truancy and is covered by the “Failure to Attend” attendance policy as a “part of day.” Detentions do NOT apply to tardies, only to “late” arrivals.

    Unexcused absences fall under the “Failure to Attend” attendance laws. Steps will begin when 3 unexcused days or parts of days occur and will accumulate after 5, 8, and 10 unexcused absences or parts of days occur within a semester grading period. Please check the CES website for specific actions.

    For up-to-date school information please visit the CES website. You can access our home page through the main GCISD website or visit

    http://www.gcisd-k12.org/schools/ces/index.html. Teacher websites will also give important information. Visit the CES website and then click on directory to find a teacher’s name.


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